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                                                       Well we did it!

Thank you all for participating in the YBOA Shelton inaugural Spring League. We overcame a few obstacles but that’s what makes this first time event so special👍

Thank You to all the families, players & volunteers who help make this a success. A special shot out goes to Ms. Jennifer Brown for being the organization mom making sure everyone was well taken care of. Also to all the coaches:
Coach Leth
Coach Casey Brown
Coach Cheyanne Kenyon

Thank you providing countless hours helping each player grow.

Also the best officials in the community. Thank you for teaching and mentoring each player in their games. You can see the growth throughout the league.

Nigel Warren
Franklin Dean

Finally, we could have done this without the support of the Shelton High School Athletic Department.
AD Scott Chamberlain
Head Boys Basketball Coach Sam Kreiger
Assistant Boys Coach Darren Marshall

Again thanks to everyone! I we appreciate you👍🏀

PS-follow us on Facebook or, to see what we are next.

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